Changing your name

On your wedding day, you will receive the original signed “Certificate of Marriage” called the ‘parties certificate’.


Although this certificate proves your conjugal status is now ‘married’, it is not official enough to enable you to use as legal proof of marriage for many organisations and government departments.  If you wish to change your name to your husband’s surname you will need to apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) for a Standard Marriage Certificate.  There is a small fee for this service.

At the time of application BDM will ask to upload certified copies of proof of residence, and proof of i.d.
Either party can apply for the certificate so if your partner already has this proof in their name and address it might be best to ask them to apply.  

Download a PDF Application form here or apply online


Below is a checklist of government departments and other institutions you may need to notify of your name change:

  • Accountant/solicitor

  • Australian Tax Office

  • Bank

  • Blood Donor Card/Tissue and Organ Donation cards

  • Car insurance

  • Council rates

  • Credit cards

  • Doctor, dentist and health care professionals

  • Electoral Office

  • Insurance policies/superannuation (changing your beneficiary to your spouse)

  • Investment accounts

  • Library card

  • Memberships – gyms/clubs/Frequent Flyer etc

  • Mortgages/rental agreements

  • Passport

  • Property titles

  • Utility bills

  • VicRoads (driver licence/registrations)

  • Will

  • Work – personnel officers for payroll, tax and superannuation

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