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Before you may marry, the law requires that you sign and lodge the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage‘ (NOIM).
at least one calendar month prior to the wedding taking place.
You can submit your Notice in person, via a video link, or by email, but you must bring the original Notice with you when you 
meet with me. The NOIM form will remain active for 18 calendar months from the date of submission.
You can download the form below for your convenience.


Download a Notice of Intended Marriage form

  • You must be over 18 years of age to marry in Australia.

  • If you are Australian born you must show your birth certificate in English.

  • If you reside outside Australia you are required to show your birth certificate or passport from your country of birth.

  • If either of you have previously been married
    you will have to produce your Divorce Decree Absolute papers.


  • If either of your spouses are deceased, you must produce the Death Certificate.

  • On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18.

  • Three Marriage certificates – The three Marriage certificates must be signed by all relevant parties.

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