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Funeral Celebrant

Funerals are never happy occasions, but they are the last thing that you can do for a person you love, therefore they can be as individual as the life of the person who has passed.  Even though I cannot possibly feel your pain, or understand exactly how you are feeling, I can empathize with you, for I have experienced the loss of too many people I love.

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Many funeral services today are a celebration of a life well lived.  Each funeral service is unique and should reflect how a person lived, who they were, what special qualities they had and relive the memories of the time they shared with you.  Gone are the days where every funeral must be somber, everyone dressed in black, and bathed in grief only.

There are many people who are opting for private cremations, so the presence of a coffin is optional, allowing for more flexibility in where and when a farewell service can be held.  Churches are not the only place where funerals services are held. Wineries, Golf Clubs, Bowling Clubs and Yacht Clubs are popular venue choices and several funeral directors have their own chapels. 

Your dad who made everyone laugh can have his funniest stories told and his classic jokes retold again to keep his spirit flowing as freely as the beer he loved to share with his mates.

Your uncle who loved to play golf can birdie on the 19th hole and be forever on the golf course.

Your aunt who lived at the beach can have her ashes scattered to sea, and a tribute of fresh flowers floating along with her.

There are no rules when it comes to saying goodbye to somebody you love.

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